Romanesque Tea Set - Bárbara Guimarães | Love at first sight
Romanesque Tea Set - Bárbara Guimarães | Love at first sight

Romanesque Tea Set - Bárbara Guimarães | Love at first sight

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The Romanesque Coffret - Amor à 1ª Vista is a BIO product signed by the official ambassador of Infusões com História, Bárbara Guimarães.

In this elegant box, rich in natural aromas, there are the Infusion of the Bush , Portuguese Romanesque Infusion and Infusion Mountain of Sensations .

These 3 organic teas explore herbs and plants originating in the region that gives name to the range described above, such as prunella, common mint, lemon balm, heather or gorse. These species present this northern region of Portugal through their special and characteristic tastes.

For all these reasons, Bárbara Guimarães was immediately delighted, as, as she says:

“One autumn day, I found Infusions with History and I immediately fell in love with these flavors. I smelled these biological plants and immediately prepared a Romanesque Infusion. I let myself be carried in the arms of these aromas and flavors genuinely full of history. It was love at first sight ”.



Infusões com História - a brand that produces organic teas - is a project that started in 2017.

From several hikes and trips through the hills and valleys of the Romanesque and Douro region, the necessary inspiration came and the two found their way right, that led them to create exclusive mixtures from native species (100% Portuguese herbs and plants).

Its aromas explore the emotions, feelings with pleasures and sensations that continue on a magical, incredible, special trip. More than a unique creation that mirrors the Northern region of Portugal, the brand's products thus become unique identity cards.

They contribute to the traditions, culture and organic production.In this way, they are presented through their 100% natural ingredients, were it not for these infusions nature in its purest state, true Stories for eternity.

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