FOX Belt Bag
FOX Belt Bag
FOX Belt Bag

FOX Belt Bag

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Squared bag to use on the waist or cross body - perfect to keep your hands free.

This versatile bag in red is handmade from a hemp and cotton mix thick fabric; the lining is upcycled from industry surplus and cotton straps. It has an inside pocket and it closes up with a zipper. Keeps all your essentials in hand.

Care instructions:

Take good care of your Airosa so it lasts longer. Clean it using a humid cloth with a bit of detergent scrubbing in circles; do not machine wash or iron it. The ropes are detachable and you can wash them on the washing machine (just make sure to keep the knots tight).


Colour: Red / Off White Strap

Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 2.5 cm |

strap: 145 cm (adjustable)

Weight: 200 g