What we all share at our core is our ethics. Ethics are values that we guide ourselves by in our life and are somewhat like a code of conduct for everything we do.

All partners and brands that we associate with share the same Ethics as us and we carefully review those prior to engage in a partnership.

Below are the Ethics that we swear by at n.e.s.t..


No animal products are used on the production of any goods.

waste reduction

All our partners have waste reduction policies in place.

cruelty free

No animal testing or use of animals in the production process of any goods.

fair trade

Working closely with suppliers and employees to ensure that everyone has fair conditions and wages.

carbon neutral

Carbon footprint offsetting policies are in place by all brands we partnered with.

plastic free

Plastic free packaging to ensure no plastic ends in our eco systems and waterways.


Supporting higher causes and contributing for social and planetary issues is at the core of our partners


All packaging and goods are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, being those - plastic, paper of other.

circular economy

All products and waste generated by our partners can and will be used by other companies to create a circular economy.

natural | sustainable | eco | transparent

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