Teething ring organic cotton

Teething ring organic cotton

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Working with lots of different prints means that there will be some remnant fabric. These teething rings are made from those remnants, which means the same organic cotton fabric as in the t-shirts, will be in contact with your baby's sensitive skin and mouth. Also the double layer of cotton absorbs the drool.

Made from cotton jersey fabric, 95% organic cotton, 5% elastane.

Handmade in Setúbal, Portugal.

To be worn by cool babies.

The ring is made from natural organic wood with a semi-matte varnish finish. Smooth and natural eco-friendly wooden rings from strictly controlled forests of Central Europe. No chemicals, artificial additives or solvents are used, only a thin coat of CERTIFIED POLLUTANTS-FREE VARNISH finish. This finish gives the wooden ring a natural glow.

--> Comply with European Standard for safety of toys EN 71 - Part 3 <--
It's assumed that children lick toys and gnaw/bite and thereby substances that were used in the manufacture of the toy, may reach the stomach and thus in the organism of the child. It is therefore necessary to examine the toy whether harmful substances contained in the toy per standard. The directive EN 71-3 lead on only limit values of certain toxins. The standard deals with substances or toxins such as arsenic, antimony, barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury and selenium.