Sarah Necklace

Sarah Necklace

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The art of carrying nature. To dress with her, to live healthily and enjoy the weather. Get away from it all and dress in your most beautiful natural seed necklace. In pink or green, orange or mustard, each vegetable ivory seed is unique. It is cut and left in its natural state, each seed will make your necklace, a unique accessory.

  • 100% natural seed, TAGUA, vegetable ivory also called Corozo
  • small acai berry kernel seeds
  • The seeds of vegetable ivory are harvested, polished and colored to create unique accessories.
  • Slices of tagua or vegetable ivory between 45x35mm -
  • each seed may have a diameter or ball joints which may vary
  • Cotton thread

We tell you all about vegetable ivory

This 100% handmade necklace in natural seeds of vegetable ivory conceals a traditional know-how. The seed is produced by a palm tree that grows in the middle of the tropical forest. Once fallen from the tree, the seed is harvested, and becomes as hard as wood. It is then polished, cut and tinted to become your necklace.

Vegetable ivory is very resistant but at the same time very light. It is a real alternative to the plastic of costume jewelry. Handmade by women in the Ecuadorian Andes region, its manufacture contributes to their emancipation.

This bracelet is good for you, for them and for the planet!

Wear it is adopt it!

Nature only makes unique models!