Necklace - Headband Inca
Necklace - Headband Inca

Necklace - Headband Inca

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This unique necklace can be worn as a necklace as well as a headband. It's made from a blend of traditional fabric from the Andean highlands and our signature Pambil seeds. Wear it around your neck or your head, however you like!

  • Cotton weaving of the Andes
  • Inside the pambil seeds
  • color: blue or green
  • Made entirely by hand

We tell you everything about the pambil

This 100% handmade headband necklace in natural pambil seed and Andean fabrics, conceals a traditional know-how. The pambil is a seed produced by a palm tree that grows in the middle of the tropical forest.

The Pambil is a palm tree nicknamed "Iron-wood" for its very resistant wood. The Pambil is used by communities for the construction and crafting of various objects, including Amazonian spears. The Pambil is a solitary canopy palm, which can grow 20 to 35 meters tall. It produces seeds, very hard and resistant, which are harvested, polished and tinted, to make our jewelry.

We thus value these seeds for unique jewelry

The fabrics feature traditional patterns and colors with Inca symbols.

Equinox Ecuador


Equinox Ecuador is anethical brand of jewelry and hats, which tell human stories, of a culture, of nature.

 We are artisans in love with naturalmaterials, those that exude a unique and timeless beauty.


Heritage to be preserved


Supporting women

From seeds to fashion

Ecuadorian nature andculture captured in our accessories made of natural seeds

Vegetable Ivory

Vegetable ivory is thealbumen of a Palm tree that grows between 300 and 1,200 meters above sea levelin the heart of the Amazon rainforest, in Ecuador, Colombia and Peru.


The 'vegetable ivorycontributes to animal preservation, because it is an alternative to animalivory, hence its name.


The Pambil, a palmtree nicknamed "Iron-wood", has a very resistant wood, used by thecommunities for the construction and manufacture of various objects, inparticular the Amazonian spears.


The Pambil seeds, veryhard and resistant, which are harvested, polished and tinted, to make ourjewelry.

Acai Berry

Acai is a palm treewell known for its fruit production, the famous "acai berries". Thesenatural seeds grow in a cluster on the acai palm. They are harvested by hand,the pulp is extracted from the fruit and consumed.


The kernel represents90% of this fruit. These seeds are polished and tinted, to make our jewelry.

Equinox Ecuador