Infusão do Montanha de sensações
Infusão do Montanha de sensações
Infusão do Montanha de sensações

Infusão do Montanha de sensações

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Discover the Mountain of Sensations Infusion

The Infusion Mountain of Sensations (canned) is a Romanesque Tea that mixes heather, lemongrass and prunela, in a special combination that explores the aromas and flavors of the Romanesque region.

The fantastic thing about this biological infusion is the almost perfect connection of differentiating characteristics, as is the case with the roughness and resinous smell of heather, the aniseed and citrus notes of lemongrass and the soft and sweet taste of the prune.

An interesting fact is related to the volatile properties that are released when this BIO tea is served hot, something that evokes the rugged mountains of the interior of Portugal, thickets known to honor the landscapes of Miguel Torga's universe.

This option has a practical side, as it is a solution for those suffering from kidney stones, rheumatism pain (benefits of heather), intends to prevent kidney and digestive disorders (benefits of lemon balm) and also reduce the symptoms of sore throat and colic (benefits of prunela).

A soft drink that is full of benefits and can be consumed at any time of the day.

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