Infusão Floral
Infusão Floral

Infusão Floral

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Canned Douro Flowers - Floral Infusion

The Floral Infusion in Tin - Chás do Douro - is an exclusive mixture of flowers (fennel, elderberry and St. John's wort) that can be found in this territory of Northern Portugal, where Rio and the Vineyards stand out on the map.

The combination of aromatic herbs with a notable profusion of flowers, has a harmonious flavor and allows its consumers to feel a well-being experience.

Relaxation, a source of vitamins and delicacy: this organic tea brings together in one mixture, countless qualities that make it a special drink, which quickly takes us through the fields, where cicadas and crickets tend to be and delight.

Let the bioactive properties of these plants protect and improve the functioning of your organism, as they prevent heartburn, aid in the digestive process, relieve nausea and even control mood (improve).

One of the advantages of this 100% Portuguese infusion is that it can be consumed hot (great option for the longest and coldest days of winter), but also cold (it refreshes and increases your appetite).

Floral Infusion Technical Sheet


Infusões com História - a brand that produces organic teas - is a project that started in 2017.

From several hikes and trips through the hills and valleys of the Romanesque and Douro region, the necessary inspiration came and the two found their way right, that led them to create exclusive mixtures from native species (100% Portuguese herbs and plants).

Its aromas explore the emotions, feelings with pleasures and sensations that continue on a magical, incredible, special trip. More than a unique creation that mirrors the Northern region of Portugal, the brand's products thus become unique identity cards.

They contribute to the traditions, culture and organic production.In this way, they are presented through their 100% natural ingredients, were it not for these infusions nature in its purest state, true Stories for eternity.

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