CALM-A by Elena Iparraguirre

Minimal and urban collection that transposes to our daily lives the comfort we've gotten used to in these turbulent times, without overlooking style and fashionable choices.  It is inspired in the 80’s Hip Hop movement and in the designer’s perception of Egypt nowadays. As per Vintage's business model, the entire collection was made out of pre-consumption industrial textile deadstock, mainly, linen, cotton and polyester.

Cutting and sewing by our master seamstress Maria José Rodrigues.


Created in 2012 by Helena Antonia, we design and manufacture the majority of our limited-edition collections by responsible manufacturing partners in portugal or abroad using sustainable methods and materials. We source deadstock and sustainable fabrics incorporating better practices throughout or supply chain to make beautiful vintage inspired styles at a fraction of the environmental impact of conventional fashion. It our mission to lead and inspire a sustainable way to do fashion.

Helena is a seamstress’s daughter that grew up using transformed clothes. Passioned by natural and sustainable ways of living she sees sustainable fashion as a mean of personal expression and a powerful tool of social changing. She presented the idea at a social entrepreunership and innovation bootcamp,  in 2012, and imagine it was the winner idea and started the pilot during 2013 with edp foundation and porto city council as main sponsors, and katty xiomara has leading fashion designer.

During the first two years the team was mainly composed by 4 designers as volunteers and the clothes were made with de participation of the beneficiaries. Public and private companies joined as partners. Soon it was clear that social impact was effective and significant, although the clothes were very conceptual. In order to make the clothes more commercial, regarding sustainability concerns, in 2015 the brand was registered and a fashion designer and a professional sewer joined the team, in order to create  an efficient way of producing high quality upcycled clothes and also to provide upcycling workshops to the beneficiaries.

During this years, vintage for a cause started to be present at lifestyle events such as primavera sound or the gentleman’s ride, testing the public feedback. In january2016 the brand participated at ethical fashion show, presenting ana modestos limited edition of jackets, were it affirmed itself as an ethical fashion brand. Since then it has been developing production processes that can respect the brand’s social and environment mission and it’s circular economy principles, being recently awarded with an honorable mention by green project awards. What you will read next is our drive for our company, and we work everyday to pursuit this drive, we are not there yet, in some point, but we are working on it!

We will have much more news this year! Stay connected!


We are committed to bring more fair labour to the fashion industry. But at the same time we aim to minimize our environmental damage. We only can change something if we produce an impact in all the value chain don't you agree?

We want to reduce the negative impact of fashion industry on the environment. Redesigning fashion towards closing the loop will lead us to a more sustainable world.

Therefore, by using resources that would probably end in the landfields, we prevent new resources extraction and promote water saving and CO2 reduction. Minimizing the environment damages, we are also committed to bring more humanity to the value chain of fashion.

Meet the Grandmasters that make your upcycled clothes

The scouting of these talented women is made within the social inclusion programs and workshops that we named From granny to trendythat consist in upcycling sessions of an outfit to exhibit in a professional photoshoot and a catwalk where the participants are also the models, showing that beauty has no age and that the real trend is to stop with the human and the material waste.  Active aging and civic participation are powerful tools to improve the well being and the quality of life and these programs also provide lifelong learning opportunities.