Orikomi is an eco-friendly lighting brand that develops handcrafted products using the origami technique.

The brand was initially created in November 2013 as a pop-up store, with the main goal to raise funds for a non-profitable organization – Adobe for Women (aimed to support 20 women to build their own adobe houses). In January 2014, having the brand become so successful, the founders Ana Morgado and Carmo Caldeira decided to continue with Orikomi and it turned out to be the best decision they have ever made.

eco pack and ship

We only use eco-friendly materials.

Our instruction manual is made of recycled paper. We have minimal text and images on our packaging. The more “naked” the packaging, the more sustainable it is.

We use brown cardboard, which is 100% recyclable and compostable.

We seal our boxes with paper tape. It is 100% recyclable and plastic free. 

carbon free

We are a Carbonfree®  Shipping Partner of Cabonfund.org. They offset the Orikomi shipping carbon footprint by supporting projects of reforestation or energy efficiency that reduce carbon dioxide emissions and the threat of climate change.


We use recycled plastic bubble wrap. We decided not to use toxic materials such as styrofoam, because it is not recyclable and it is extremely bad for the environment.

Once we ship a package to our customers we cannot control what they do with the packaging materials. However, we do encourage all the clients to reuse, compost, or recycle the sent materials.