By Márcia Nazareth

Nazareth Collection was born in 2013, initially with thematic collections of pieces with photographs of my own produced in digital print, whose innovation at the time was 360-degree printing.

The concept was to wear a photograph. Since then the brand has evolved in its concept and in the raw materials used.

From polyester to viscose, through cotton, lyocel to organic cotton.

The Nazareth Collection is inspired by my two grandmothers. Grandma Aurora was a master of scenic and artistic wardrobes at TEP. Grandmother Luz, on the other hand, was the first entrepreneur to have a textile company with pleats and sleeping bags. I therefore inherited creativity, persistence and innovation from both.

As well, and mainly, the taste for knowing how to make a piece of clothing last and the dream of wearing it as being unique.


with the environment

our impact

sustainable fabrics

everything has a beginning

and we give it a different end