Joplins started back in 2015 out of a feeling to make things different

Our founder, Rafael Dutra, an outdoor person and an always traveler, wore sunglasses along with his whole life. He thought it could be a good idea of uniting something he likes to wear to a purpose, promote a more ecologically sustainable lifestyle and develop an eyewear eco-friendly business. Joplins vision would be to become a reference as a sustainable brand and reach a pride of place as a motor of change.


as unique as you are

chasing the sun

conscious and sustainable

Sustainability Projects

Our intentions for 2021: contribute even more to help prevent climate change. We have partnered up with Plastic Bank and Ecologi to prevent climate change together. 

From here on, January 5th 2021, JOPLINS® will not only make eco-friendly sunglasses, but also donate part of its revenue to environmental projects. 

We will plant 3 trees and remove 1kg of plastic from the oceans for every site order.

You can help mother earth already today. With every order, you are cleaning up the ocean, planting trees and help fighting against climate change with us.