Creating beautiful clothes should not be at the expense of our future. In 2008, Daniela Pais founded Elementum with the vision to change the way we make and wear clothes.

Elementum is a sustainable fashion brand which is build on: Zero Waste, using natural and low impact materials, and being made in Europe. With designs that are timeless and multi-functional Elementum offers a range of expression and identity that fits the fast changing contexts of today’s fashion.

Elementum believes we wear our clothes and not the clothes wear us. We offer clothes to inspire you and enrich your day, to give you space for self-expression. You decide how to put them on, either as a scarf, shirt or dress.

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Minimum cut, maximum use.

Our latest line of woven garments is still not totally ZERO waste. That is because of the difference of flexibility in relation to the knitwear production.

But we are working on converting all our designs into Zero waste patterns. In the meanwhile we reuse the little cutoffs into new products in our studio.

natural and refined