We are Jorge and Tatiana, a young couple from Galicia (Spain) committed to make a positive impact in the world. Animal lovers, wild nature passionates (please, go check “Galicia” on Google and you will understand why!), sneaker freaks and #ZeroWaste warriors will be a great definition of our personality and what moved us to create BEFLAMBOYANT.

We care about sustainability and conscious consumption. We also think that is time to move to action, and that’s why we founded BEFLAMBOYANT. With no previous knowledge in the fashion industry but full of enthusiasm and positive energy to change the present and, specially, how things are done in the fashion system.

Proud of what we have accomplished together, we know that there is still a long way to go, and we will actively and steadily work towards reducing the footprint we leave behind. We are constantly learning, improving and evolving to offer a better product while encouraging people to act now for a better tomorrow by #DoingChange.


social mission


social mission

Due to global warming, forest are drier than ever and are more vulnerable to fires. This situation added to the bad practices of human beings (more than 80% of fires are caused by humans), make the Deforestation due to fire a serious problem for the planet.

In Beflamboyant we have decided to battle this problem and in collaboration with the One Tree Planted organization, we decided that for every pair of sneakers sold, we will plant a tree in California.

proudly local

Galicia is our home. Where we belong, where we met and where BEFLAMBOYANT was born. Our Atlantic roots define us as define our products. From design to production and manufacturing. Everything is done by local expert hands in Galicia and Portugal, where our factury is located.

Galicia is a huge source of inspiration and motivation. We are proud of our origins and we want to show it to the world by giving visibility to our traditions, our landscapes, our people. Search for #XenteAltantica to discover more.

our certificates

It certifies there are no animals involved in none of the production process.

GRS Global Standard Recycled:
It proves the product content is recycled. It also verifies social, environmental and chemical reliable practices in their production.

It guarantees all textile materials used during the manufacturing process fulfill with the maximums quality standards to be in contact with your skin.


Don’t buy BEFLAMBOYANT if you don’t need a pair of sneakers. Seriously. Don’t do it.

We are on a mission to change the fashion system and the way we consume. This means recycle, reuse and rethink what’s a trend and what’s really necessary.

If you still want to buy a pair of cool kicks , go for it, do it and do it consciously: choose a timeless design, made with quality ecological materials, guaranteeing  production traceability and responsible supply chains. Ask, find out and choose the best for