About us

The present is broken, we must create a better future.
With this statement in mind we set to create a community where we can help likeminded people find an alternative to the status quo.
We are passioned about Yoga, travel, holistic practices, mindfulness, the natural world and self-development. But first and foremost, we are passioned about our Planet. Being Portuguese, although now being citizens of the world and having a multi-cultural background, Portugal is and always will be where we call home.
Through personal experience we found that yoga is filled with plastic and unsustainable mats and props, travel industry is one of which pollutes the Planet the most, holistic and mindfulness practice are rigged with misconceptions and the self-development world is filled with empty promises and philosopher’s stones.
On top of all this, we live in a world that uses false affirmations and smoke curtains to mislead and con the masses into believing that nothing is wrong and we must continue to live the way we are. Corporations lie to us by stamping a “sustainable” sticker on their products. Alpha brands try to make us believe that their products are fair trade and cruelty free by running a publicity campaign filled with images of happy undeveloped countries workers, smiling and dancing to an upbeat song.
We decided that enough is enough and set ourselves into a mission to create a platform where everyone, regardless of their background or beliefs could find truthful, reliable information about the issues concerning the health of the Planet. Where everyone could find a eco-friendly alternative to the objects that they use daily.
Where we can raise awareness towards eco-travel and real yoga retreats.
The n.e.s.t. was born.
We are Natural| Eco-Friendly| Sustainable| Transparent
Our aim is to create a movement where we can make the difference, where we can educate people on how to make a better future for the planet and make better choices, where we can contribute to higher causes, where we can bring to the World  the very best there is in the natural, eco-friendly, sustainable Portugal , at the same time as we bring the best there is in the World to Portugal. Making green normal, making vegan normal, making sustainable normal, making natural normal, making no plastic normal.
It’s time we start acting like we are a part of the Planet and not like we own it.
Join us!
Cláudia & Ion