The teaching methods are outdated

There has never before been a society with so many graduated people. The global literacy rate for all people aged 15 and above is 86.3%. That’s a very large proportion of the world population.

Although this sounds great and it’s a great achievement, a deeper issue arises on this.

See, our current educational system is virtually unaltered since the 14th century. Now, we’re not talking about what people are learning, no this has evolved greatly and for the best, we are talking about how people are learning.

These outdated teaching methods, which typically consist of “listening, reading and discussing”, are totally ineffective in developing the complex skills needed in today’s world.

You might argue that today we have technology and computers and great utensils when it comes to certain lectures, you are correct, however, we cannot call this an innovation in the teaching method, the method remains the same – listening, reading and discussing.

Simply put, our current educational system doesn’t allow individual talent to be developed within the system. What we do is, we put all children in the same batch and we teach them all the same curriculum using the same teaching methods.

We impose disciplines to children that are and probably will be irrelevant to most of them.

Yes, we need to educate and teach children values and ethics that are intemporal, but we cannot feed them with notions that don’t contribute to their development and natural skills and inclinations, i.e. talents.

We need to give freedom to individuality and self-expression. Creativity and awareness needs to be made the norm in our schools. Children need to be taught how to express them self and be oppressed by a bureaucratic system created by totalitarian people centuries ago.

Every child needs to be evaluated separately and the educational system needs to tend to the child’s needs in order to develop its capabilities to the highest level.

We need to prepare our future generations for the jobs of the future. We cannot teach skills that won’t apply when they will finish their education. We need to make children develop their skills within the school system and not by themselves, without guidance. But first and foremost, we, the parents and the tutors need to adapt to the future. We need to think what will happen in 20 years and not how it was when we were in school. the future starts today, and the future of our children starts with us.

In an ever-evolving, fast paced society, is imperative that we stop, self-assess and project how we will create a brighter tomorrow. We need to keep the lessons from the past in our mind, guide the future generations with our experience, but most importantly, let them be themselves, listen to their needs and allow them to create their future.


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