Climate Change Catastrophe

What would you do if your house was on fire? And you were the reason why the house was on fire? And after a more thorough look, it was clear that you were the one who actually set the house on fire?

In any of this three scenarios immediate action would’ve been taken. First, you’d call the fire brigade and get the fire extinguished. Second, you’d probably question why you were responsible for the fire and try and amend those actions. Third,  as it would be arson, you’d be judged and taken to jail as a punishment.

Now, the Planet, our World, our only home, is ON FIRE! Yet, most of us do nothing. Worse, the people directly responsible for this, do nothing, besides doing nothing, they exploit the situation and get even more out of it.

Who are these people you ask? They are the ones who you vote for, who you work for, who make the laws, who control the banks, who write the rules and who ultimately control your life and the decisions that you make.

So ultimately who’s to blame? Everyone and no one.

Everyone because we are all responsible as a species for the bad choices we make.

No one because the rules are made by a handful of people and the rest just follows like blind sheep.

Notice that if we don’t take action now, today, this instant, it might be an instant too late.

If we don’t start acting right now, by 2030, the ice caps have continued to melt, making the sea level to rise by 20cm. Human activity threatens 90% of all coral reefs, while 60% are already highly endangered. 100 million people have been pushed into extreme poverty by dwelling crop yields. An extra 250 thousand people die due to climate change related illnesses.

By 2040, the world has long shot past the 1.5C temperature rise limit set by the Paris Agreement. Countries from the Indochina sub-continent are threatened by annual floods, sparking mass migration of its people. Fresh Water has become  extremely scarce or inexistent for 8% of the Planet human and animal population. A snowy Arctic Summer is something out of fairy tales now, and polar bear populations are near extinction. Gulf of Mexico has seen and increase of 60cm of its sea levels, provoking devastation that it’s unrepairable.

By 2050, temperatures of 60C are now normal for 2 billion people during at least 2 months of the year. If you’re complaining now for wearing a mask, by 2050, mask will be needed daily, not for disease control, but to protect your lungs from smog. The US Northeast has an increase of 2500% in major floods compared to 2020. 140 million people are displaced by food and water insecurity or major weather events.

By 2100, the global average temperature has soared to 4C, and even higher in northern regions. Rising sea levels have left shore line’s unrecognizable and places like London, The Netherlands, Lisbon, Florida, New York or Hong Kong are under water now. Coral reefs have virtually disappeared as well as a quarter of the world’s fish habitats and its species. Traditional agriculture is inexistent because of the lack of natural pollinators, the insects have now been all extinct. 40% of the planet is affected by severe drought all year round. Iberian Peninsula has now become a desert, dipping millions into food and water insecurity.

This is just a small example of what are we in for if we don’t take action now. Take any of this scenarios and think about the ramifications that it has. If it doesn’t take your sleep at night, then there must be something wrong.

We can change the course of events, we can provide a better future for the future generations, but it takes everyone, not just a minority of forward thinking people who are often labelled as freaks and prophets of the Doom.

Moreover there’s a immediate need in mentality change of the world population. There’s need of change of beliefs, ideals, eating habits, buying habits, everything we take as normal or business as usual, needs to change to greener, more sustainable, planet friendly alternatives. And trust me, there’s a greener alternative for literally every single item or action  of your day.  

Take action now, and we might stand a chance of changing the devastation we’ve created in the last 250 years. Join us in our journey to create a Planet where our sons and daughters will be able to play on the beach, go in the woods, have a sea full of fish, a jungle full of animals and be able to live as one with Nature.

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